Product: Fluid Dispensing & Management

If you need to dispense oil / grease / antifreeze or pump away waste oil, we can provide a bespoke tailor made solution to suit your requirements.

Our product range includes a huge range of manual, air or electrically operated pumps, spring rewind hose reels, inline or hand held meters for fresh oil, antifreeze, diesel, adblue and waste oil.

Pumps can be either drum / IBC / tank or wall mounted, we can even supply mobile dispensers for greater flexibility.

In addition to supplying equipment, we can also install a bespoke tailor made dispensing system including distribution pipework in all types of workshop and production environments, all undertaken in house by our highly skilled and experienced installation team.

If you have issues in the draining and discharge of waste oil or antifreeze then we can provide bespoke solutions including mobile drainers, discharge pumps, pipe work systems and compliant bulk storage tanks.

Oil and antifreeze are expensive products and coupled with environmental concerns, control, accountability and traceability is essential for today’s workshops.

Whatever the size of your workshop, our bespoke oil management systems control your valuable stock, eliminate losses from unrecorded deliveries and provide complete accountability for every litre of oil used in the workshop.

Our management systems generate management reports that provide a full audit trail and analysis of your oil usage.

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