Product: Grease Dispensing Systems

Grease dispensing systems are one of our core products.

Static and mobile equipment to dispense from standard UK size 12.5, 50 and 180 kg kegs are readily available plus pumps to suit 16-30 Kg keg sizes to make lubricating vehicles and machinery a simple and straight forward procedure.

Our range of compressed air driven pumps can generate pressures up to 10,000 Psi and volumes up to 10Kg (or more) per minute.

Our high performance pumps are durable, reliable and ensure maximum flow rates and pressures when dispensing standard or heavy, thick and tacky grease even in cold operating conditions.

Our complete grease dispensing range of equipment includes follower plates, high pressure hoses, control valves, connectors and couplings, spring rewind hose reels, mobile trolleys, filler pumps for chassis lubrication systems and manual, compressed air or battery powered grease guns.

Our grease dispensing systems are very efficient, saving time and money, reducing waste and eliminating contamination issues.

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