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Safety and reliability is critical in a busy workshop and it is important that you have a lifting product that you can trust and rely upon. Jacking equipment holding a heavy vehicle in place over the heads of staff HAS to offer the very, very highest standards of safety.

We supply lifting products manufactured by industry leaders Majorlift and Weber Hydraulic that can cater for almost any hydraulic lifting requirement.

We have a complete range of vehicle lifting equipment, pit and transmission jacks, jacking beams, wheel removal trollies, hub and caliper removal equipment, workshop cranes, trolley and bottle jacks, all with the capacity to match the vehicle or engine you want to lift or manipulate.

To complement our range of lifting equipment we have a range of low, standard and high axle stands up to 16 tonne capacity, all very well engineered and superbly finished.

Hydraulic floor presses up to 100 tonne capacity are included in our product range plus a king pin press up to 40 tonne capacity.

The quality workmanship that goes into every product will ensure our jacks, cranes and trolleys will provide years of reliable, efficient service where cheaper products will let you down.

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