Advanced Workshops are based in a modern industrial unit in Boldon, Tyne and Wear, located close to the A1 M motorway and A19 trunk road with easy access to all major motorways, ideally suited for nationwide installation projects, deliveries and site visits.

We hold in stock for immediate despatch, a range of air operated and manual oil transfer pumps, dispensing hose reels, oil guns, digital oil meters, and mobile grease pump kits also oil tank fittings, contents gauges and tank overfill alarms.

We distribute products by world leading equipment manufacturers including ARO, GRACO, GROZ, RAASM, LUBEWORKS, NEDERMAN, ORION, PUISI, and many more.

Advanced Workshops offers a complete end to end package as standard including site surveys and consultations from experienced specialists. We take time to fully understand your needs, providing a comprehensive, detailed and transparent quotation for your bespoke oil, coolant, compressed air or diesel dispensing system. Our skilled installation engineers will install your system including tanks, pipe work and equipment effectively and efficiently, on time, on budget with the minimum of disruption to your business.

We put our customers first, our extensive product knowledge and fast response time means you can rely on us for all your equipment needs or simply the best advice on a problem or application.

Our sophisticated yet easy to use electronic oil monitoring systems, allows you to control your valuable oil stocks and eliminate losses from unrecorded deliveries, providing accurate dispensing, a full audit trail and analysis of your oil usage by the built in bespoke report generator, it will also interface with most DMS systems including Kerridge. Our bulk oil storage tanks can be made to whatever capacity, dimension and specification you require up to a maximum of 60,000 litres capacity, they are fully compliant with the Environment Agency Control of Pollution (oil storage) Regulations 2001 and are constructed to BS799, Part 5, Type J under a quality control system based upon BS EN ISO 9001:2000, Certificates of Conformity are available upon request. To prevent your bulk tanks being overfilled our tank overfill alarms ensure compliance with the current Environmental Regulations, our range of tank contents gauges will also allow monitoring of the contents of your tanks.
To back up our range of lubrication equipment, we also offer a comprehensive range of secure barrel and IBC storage units and barrel handling equipment. These units will help make your workplace compliant with Environmental and Health & Safety regulations by safely storing and manipulating your drums and IBCs. Our comprehensive range of workshop equipment also includes energy efficient rotary screw workshop air compressors and pipe work installation, fully compliant diesel fuel storage tanks, dispensing pumps and hose reels, plus exhaust fume extraction systems and Majorlift pit and transmission jacks. You can trust Advanced Workshops to deliver the best service and support to help you make the right choices whether looking to make a single purchase or planning a large scale workshop development.
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